Wednesday, July 8, 2015

"Nice" Flip Flops

I've had my eye on these Joie sandals for a while, and was thinking they might be a purchase on my trip to Chicago next week. Fate intervened when I was in Target this morning and I found a nearly identical pair for 1/10th the price! (I already got the black, but I may have to get the cognac pair pictured below too) Target has them in several colors and they're on sale right now making the deal even sweeter. After checking around online I found a couple of other great options, also on sale. 


Joie a la Plage 'Nice' Flip Flop (Women) by Joie a la Plage

$14.99 (on sale this week)

Ainsley Knot Thong Sandals

$20.25 (on sale)

BC Footwear Gotta Try Sandal by BC Footwear

$10.99 (on sale)

Bamboo Metallic Knotted Thong Sandals by Bamboo

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