Monday, October 21, 2013


Hi, I’m Irwin and if you follow me on instagram @IrwinEsq you know I love to bargain shop. I’ve started this blog to share some of my tips and tricks after receiving several questions from followers. I also plan to document my personal style, inspiration and things that make me happy.  I would love your suggestion s/ comments on ideas or content that interests you.

So a little bit about me, I am a lifelong Memphis girl and I love all my city has to offer. These days I spend a good bit of time across the mighty Mississippi in the great state of Arkansas, and I love find new spots over there as well as in my hometown.

I’ve loved fashion since I can remember, I think it’s in my blood as my mom worked in fashion before she had children and became a stay at home mom. Along with my love of fashion and shopping I love find bargains.  It’s amazing all the bargains you can find when you just start looking. In keeping with my love of fashion, I love style, design and art. I majored in Art History in college. While I don’t consider myself an artist, I do love creating things. Lately, I have satisfied my creative urges making jewelry.

When you look good and you’re happy with the space surrounding you, you feel good. I hope this blog can be a happy place and creative outlet. Thanks for stopping by and I can’t wait to hear from you!

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